Follow your dreams

Chile, follow your dreams

Wherever the river flows,

However long it is

No matter how far it takes you

Follow your heart son,

One day you will be happier you did

One day the sun will shine on your scars

And remind you the journey you took

The bruised hands that toiled the soil

The marks on your feet that paved the way

Chile follow the light

Do not let the tingling in your eyes die

Do not shy away from the greatness within

When you look down on yourself,

Remember your childhood

Remember who you were before you were told you couldn’t.

Chile follow your heart

Because that is where your treasure is.

Follow whatever it is that you long for

And when you find you were wrong

You will be counted among the wise

Like Solomon finding all was vanity.

Son, follow the dreams of your spirit

And let the creator show you the way.


Thank You!

One of the things that make me wish I lived in Nairobi. Sigh. Maybe one day I will 😉 Steve Kitots’ photo exhibit.

The Joke that is Miss Rwanda

I don’t normally engage in trends but after a video going viral on the beauty pageant contest for #MissRwanda and watching the defensiveness and offensiveness from both sides, I thought I could pen a few ideas that we should all consider:

Short term  

  1. Preparation is key to EVERYTHING. In my opinion, what the organizers should emphasize on is preparing these beautiful ladies to present themselves with confidence and have the minimum knowledge. They should be encouraged to answer in any language in Kinyarwanda if need be.
  2. Have a general knowledge of the latest news, in the country, region and internationally.
  3. The panel asking questions are not fluent in the languages as well; how about put someone who cannot mix the R and L in English or French. (The man on the panel has language issues)
  4. If it is only a beauty pageant, why are they asking questions? And if we are only to consider beauty, what does that say about us? That we are beautiful and brainless? I am not saying these beauties are, but try imagine what a foreigner will think of our country once they watch this video.
  5.  I speak as a woman and a Rwandan. Everyone knows Rwandese are gorgeous (I guess that is where the staring disease comes from); in my humble opinion we don’t even need a contest for that. But since it is already there, can we encourage our women that they can be beautiful and smart? Please? And if language is still a challenge in our youth, can we encourage the language of Kinyarwanda? I mean, it all comes back to culture, right?
  6. I should pride myself and fully trust the woman that will be crowned to represent my country. Yes in beauty and brains, please!

Long run:

  1. In the future, I would like the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Education invest in more educative programs like spelling bees, debates, public speaking etc I haven’t seen enough support for @idebate1 which I believe would have a great impact on our youth.
  2. The education system should encourage reading in schools, languages should be given the same priority as mathematics and other science subjects. Because if a scientist or a programmer comes up with an innovation, they should be able to present it. Check out: Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt… (Since we are aiming at becoming the regional ICT Hub) I think they are pretty good at expressing themselves. Reading should be encouraged with more books in libraries and please let us stop the ‘Rwandans don’t read’ culture.
  3. Lastly, as the youth let us not be merely observant and mockers; we have to play our part. Erega we are only hurting ourselves in laughing. Let us bring solutions and work together. It doesn’t require much, attending Spoken Word teaches you a thing or two on languages (English, French, Kinyarwanda); create book clubs etc. Let us come up with innovative ways to change what we don’t like. Otherwise, Mum’s the word! J

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.”

I am Christianese

He said I wasn’t Christian enough

He thinks I am not proud of who I am

And he would not be surprised if one day I backslid

My life is not convincing enough

Every belief and confidence I had got shattered

In the truth emanating from his mouth.


He wanted to be like ‘him’

If one day he were to be born again.

‘What about me?’ I asked

You are complacent in your walk with God;

You are afraid to flaunt who you serve.

‘But don’t you know I am Christian?’ I argued

Yes but how long did it take me?

My first impression was different.


I cried to God pleading

He reminded me of what He has been telling me

Haven’t you compromised your values?

Haven’t you lusted over those you call pagans?

Haven’t you wished for a second you had never known me?

“But that was all in my mind Lord, I promise.

This world is hard to live in as a your child”

“And don’t you think your life portrayed it?

Don’t you think you have lost the sweetness of salvation?”

When you allow your heart to be enticed

By the pleasures of this world;

And push my spirit away.

When you chose the comfort of your alone time over ‘our’ alone time

When you live like tomorrow is guaranteed

And expect me to bless each step.

Don’t you think your mind is mirrored through your life?”


“When my name is not mentioned in your vocabulary

Yet proudly proclaim to be Rwandese?

You are so ashamed of me in your actions

Yet so loud with your mouth

Do you think I will not be ashamed of you before my father?


I cried in repentance.

I told him

I want to change the world

I want to change MY World

But first I will allow to be transformed in Him.


And I am going to be seasoned again

Become the salt in my world

The light that illuminates in the darkness

I want to be the ‘him’ that my friend said

That one person they refer to for salvation

 I want to be the Jesus that everyone sees.

Can I throw a fit?

I mean, CAN I throw a fit?

Can I let all my claws out?

Without fearing to clutch at someone’s scars?

Can I go ahead and scream my head off?

Without worrying at the wondering faces that are watching?

Can I curse as bad as I want to and not care who hurts?

Can I show this side of me that everyone is afraid of?

Especially, me?

Can I for once shout and let out my anger?

Without control,

Or fear?

Of being seen

And judged

And laughed off


Wait, CAN I throw a fit?

And enjoy the scared eyes sneaking?

Enjoy the fury that exhumes from my noise

Keeping everyone away from me?

Can I throw a fit?

I mean, CAN I throw a fit?

Can I let my good girl mask down for once

For once can I elaborate exactly what it is that I want to say?

Can I interrupt you from your excuses?

Can I shut you off from your explanations?

Can I ignore your apologies and let myself vent

And scream

SCREAM all I want?


I mean, CAN I throw a fit?

I don’t want to care,

About your tears and pleadings

But fortunately for you,

I will not.

I mean, I will not throw a fit.

Only because He said ‘In your anger, do not sin.’

I just want you to know that I am human

Just like you

But I choose the Word over my burst.



Could not have said it better.


By Anonymous.


I have always been confronted by this question again and again, and most recently as the years whoosh, you are akin to the Unicorn, people don’t believe you exist. Does he really have to be saved? I mean, he is a nice guy, respects women, has a sound head on his shoulder, supports your dreams…you know salvation is something you can at work later … he looks sober enough and anyway, you know XYZ claimed to be saved and look what he did … so there is nothing wrong with him, he is a really nice guy and he likes you….  True he is a nice guy and has a lot of potential, and true there are some people out there who has taken the name of Christ through the sewer but that is not you. Sweetie, I do not want him, I want you, I…

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